Every artistic creation has a voice Рan energy unique to its design and execution, a destination to arrive at and a desire to get there. In some ways our art is its own individual and in other ways it is inextricably connected to us, its creators.

As people of color, sometimes we have to shout, push and otherwise fight for our voices to be heard, to be received as we intend them to be – not through filters of privilege, racism and status quo disguised as classic, standard and cultured. From literature to theater to film to music to visual art to dance – we create.

We create.

Freedom’s Voice is a space for us to share our work, our experiences of others’ works, our thoughts – and even our rants about what it means to be a contemporary artist of color. Thank you for visiting and thoughtfully sharing with this community.

candi dugas Рcreative, writer,  producer

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